Core — YAWIK 0.32 documentation

Core layout/layout General layout. Includes the HTML Header Core error/404 File not found error page Core error/403 Forbidden error page Core error/index Internal Server Error Page (500) Core main-navigation Renders a horizontal navigation with drop downs Core pagination-control Renders paginations Core core/loading-popup Renders a simple loading box while ajax requests are proceeded Core core/notifications Renders default notification boxes. Core form/core/buttons Renders default ‘save’ and ‘abort’ buttons not found (form/core/privacy) WRONG CONFIGURATION Core core/form/permissions-fieldset Renders the group permission fieldset Core core/form/permissions-collection Renders the group form Core core/form/container-view Renders horizontal summary form Auth form/auth/contact.form Renders the contact form within the application form and the personal profile. Auth form/auth/contact.view renders the contact information within the application form and the personal profile. Auth auth/form/user-info-container Renders horizontal form for the contact and the user photo Auth auth/form/userselect Renders form for adding Users to a Group Auth auth/form/social-profiles-fieldset Renders the fieldset for adding Social Profiles to an Application Auth auth/form/social-profiles-button Renders the selection boxes for adding social profiles to an application Auth auth/sidebar/groups-menu file exists Applications applications/error/not-found Error Page for an Application form which references a non-existing job not found (layout/apply) WRONG CONFIGURATION Applications applications/sidebar/manage currently not used Applications applications/mail/forward Renders the email for forwarding an application Applications applications/detail/pdf Renders a application as a simple HTML, used in the PDF generation and the forward mail Applications applications/index/disclaimer Display the privacy policy disclaimer Jobs jobs/sidebar/index Renders paginations Jobs jobs/form/list-filter Renders the search formular for jobs used by recruiters Jobs jobs/form/apply-identifier currently not used. Generates an reference number for jobs Jobs jobs-publish-on-yawik displays short info about publishing on YAWIK Jobs jobs-publish-on-jobsintown displays short info about publishing on Jobs jobs-publish-on-homepage displays short info about publishing on the own homepage Jobs jobs-terms-and-conditions display the terms and conditions, when publishing a job opening Jobs mail/jobCreatedMail Mail is sent to the owner of yawik. The mail contains a link to an approval page, where the owner can accept or decline the job opening Pdf pdf/application/details/button Renders the download as PDF Button, in the Applications Module Geo geo/form/GeoText Renders the autocompletion for locations Organizations organizations/index/edit Renders the formular for editing organizations not found (piwik) WRONG CONFIGURATION

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